Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Home

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to announce that my blog has a new home now - you can find my latest updates and projects over at

There are a lot of fond memories in the archives of this blog here, however, so although I will not be updating it, I'll be keeping everything right where it is :)

The future holds exciting things - I'm excited to have you on board!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Wedding: Kenny and Peyton

© Alexandra Wallace, 2014.
I've been getting pretty slow at putting up photos these days, but I think this entire wedding can make up for it. If you're not completely filled with warm fuzzy feelings at this point, let me give you a little backstory before you do a rewind and look at these again.
I met Kenny when I was fourteen years old; it was seriously the first month of high school for me, and I got invited to a birthday party where I knew only one other person. [I am not a party person in the slightest.] Over the years, Kenny became one of my closest friends; even through his moves to different states and parts of California, we managed to keep up a pretty great pen-pal friendship. Even some of the best people in a lifetime let you down at some point, but Kenny never has - he has been a true blue friend over the past eight years, and for that, I am extremely grateful. 
A little over a year ago, The Postal Service came to town. [Not this one, that one.] Kenny was living at Washington at this point, and gave me a call, asking if I was planning to go. He said that he was coming back down to California with his girlfriend, and hinted at that she was someone we needed to meet. Through some wonderful twists of fate [thank you, Trumbull!], my boyfriend and I managed to get tickets to the sold-out show, and meet them there. Kenny introduced us to Peyton, and first impressions included how nice she was, how she obviously had great music taste, and, added bonus, she had the exact same phone case as I did. [Let me elaborate: We both had an obscure elephant design that is available through an independent artists' website. What are the odds??] That weekend, we also joined them for lunch, and I got to take these photos, which they insisted were not to be mistaken for engagement photos, but...I mean, let's refresh our memories of the adorable, here:

It was not so long after, that after I jokingly texted Kenny about weddings, that I found out he was planning to propose to Peyton. Not only propose, but super-propose. 

Are you in tears yet?

Okay, so after this Superbowl of a proposal, I was lucky enough to be asked to get involved, and be their wedding photographer! These two bought us round trip train tickets up to Washington [my first ever real train ride!], and so not only did we get to see the wedding of the year, but we also got some gorgeous scenic views!

Christopher and I had some amazing views out of our train car window! Check out our Instagram accounts for more! @thelittlealli @chrislambertmusic

For the wedding itself, I want the photos to mostly speak for themselves; it was a tender and emotional event, but not without a whole lot of laughter and personality. I was thrilled that the two of them wanted to do a first look before the wedding, and from there, it only got better! Peyton and her bridesmaids had bouquets from the flower vendors in Pike Place, the groomsmen wore matching PF Flyers a la The Sandlot, and the ceremony was graced with vocal renditions by family and friends of classic Beatles hits. [Peyton walked down the aisle to 'Something', and just thinking about it again makes me well up.]

I have seen a lot of weddings, and I'm going to see a lot more [even in just this year alone!], but this was one will always have a special place among all the others.

With love, Kleenex, and smiles,