Sunday, June 24, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Week Twenty Four

So, I'm not gonna lie - I'm pretty exhausted. Two shooting evenings in a row, and the thought of more on the way gives me both excitement and, well, tired-ness. But nothing happens if you don't do anything, so you've just got to keep on doing!

My friend Alyssa was my lovely model Saturday evening. We've been friends since seventh grade. You read that right; Seventh. Grade. After shooting we even had a discussion in the car about how crazy that is. I always have the best time with her, and she also has the coolest car ever. [This next photo is from December of last year, need to bask in the glory of this car!]

Jealous? Me too.

Anyways; Alyssa rocked our shoot. I had originally instructed my trusty MUA to give her a "summery, flower child" look, and I think we stuck pretty well with that vision :)

Hopefully I've built some suspense, and they will be up soon!

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