Wednesday, July 25, 2012

200th Post // New print available

Welcome to my 200th post! I don't know how I've possibly gotten to two-hundred posts on here, but...well, here we are!
I recently posted a little snapshot I took while shooting Rebecca Kensrue last week on Facebook, and got a ton of positive feedback on it! [Like, wow, guys! Thanks!! :) ] I've had a few people message and comment asking if this photo is available as a print, and now it is! For a limited time, you can order a 10x10 print of the above photo from my print shop. It won't be up for long, so if you're interested, by all means please go for it!
Unfortunately it's been one of those weeks, and the two shoots I had originally planned for the upcoming days have fallen through. On the plus side, I do have an exciting event I'll be attending tomorrow evening, and hopefully some good photos to show for it :)

Not to fear though, I promise I will find a way to make some photos happen very soon. You can't let changed plans slow you down :)
Enjoy your Wednesdays, friends!!


  1. Am really excited to have found your blog thanks to Dotty Pink. I recently completed a short course in photography and loved it. Am saving up for a new camera now as I only have a compact. I love your photos. They are really inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more. Am now a follower. x

    1. Wow, thank you! Glad to have a new friend on board!! :)