Friday, August 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Cigarettes and Weddings Album Shoot

All photos (c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
When I was typing that above caption, I mis-typed and found myself reading, "All photos (C) Alexandra Wallace, 3045." Guessing that futurist copyrights are not valid.
Yesterday was a big day! In the morning and early afternoon, I shot the album cover for the upcoming P.V. Hererra release, Cigarettes and Weddings. Then, once four o'clock rolled around, Christopher and I drove up to Arroyo Grande, where I met a wonderful high school senior and her mother, and took some portraits. After shooting, Chris and I sat outside a wonderful little burger diner in The Village [to all those unfamiliar with the town of Arroyo Grande, it has a main suburban area, and then a little branch of the city called The Village, which consists of whimsical little shops, a creek, and one of the best ice cream shops you will ever encounter in your lives]. We shared chai, a garden burger and fries with ranch [some of my favorite things right there], and it was some of the best "breathing" time I've had in a while.

The photos I'm including are of my lovely model friend Rebecca getting made up by the ever-talented Ariel Lizarraga for the album cover shoot. A sneak peek of that will be soon to follow! :)


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