Thursday, August 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Week Thirty Four

All photos (c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
So, this is probably a sign that I'm way too neurotic about these things, but...I didn't know how to categorize this post. Technically, this is both a shoot for the week, and it's a shoot for a designer.
This morning the lovely Ariel started doing some crazy awesome makeup on my model Mallory, and I stopped by for the finishing touches and to watch her tease the living daylights out of Mal's hair. [I'm terrible at all things beauty-related, but I love to watch!]
I still haven't finished going through the photos from the shoot itself, but from what I do have, I'm excited to share! To get an idea for the stylings, check out designer Jessalin Beutler to see her lovely clothing!



  1. That shade of purple eye shadow is gorgeous! she looks great, can't wait to see more from the shoot.