Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cigarettes and Weddings

Cigarettes and Weddings. PV Herrera. September 2012.

Here it is! The cover to P.V. Herrera's new release, Cigarettes and Weddings. I also realized, this is my third album cover! :) In June 2011, Christopher released an untitled album under the moniker of Krakatoa Lazer Punch, which was accompanied by a hardcover book featuring photos from the recording sessions.
Untitled. Krakatoa Lazer Punch. June 2011.
The photo itself was taken in November of the previous year, on 35mm. [Back when that was all I shot on - even just a couple years later, it's hard to find anywhere to even get film developed!]
And then, this summer's release of The Weatherman featured a photo I took last year, on the very cross-country road trip I mentioned in the previous post!

So, there's a brief history! I'm so honored to be apart of all of these projects, and am hoping for many more in the future! :)


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