Friday, October 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Week Forty

All photos (c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
It's been a while since a real behind-the-scenes post!! Too long.
Last night my lovely friend Alyssa drove down all the way from San Luis Obispo to model for me! She met me at Ariel's salon, and I knew the exact look I wanted her to have: old Hollywood glamor. I've always thought Alyssa would be able to pull it off, and I seriously could not be happier with the results!! Big lashes and red lips? Done.
It was already twilight by the time we started shooting [and I am not one to use flash. Ever.], and so we went to a few places around town with lighting that seemed both unique and practical..including a stop to the local laundromat!
In a nutshell, I'm just really happy with the results of last night. As always, Alyssa was making me laugh the entire time, and was willing to put up with my seemingly insane spontaneity.

Cannot wait to share more!!


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