Saturday, October 20, 2012

To my Nikkormat:

To my Nikkormat,

Sometimes I feel your presence on my bookshelf as you sit next to Mr. Minolta, and block the view of the Princess Diaries novels that reside behind you. [Not ashamed to say I've read nearly all of them and have Meg Cabot's autograph sitting around in a box somewhere around here.] I reach for my Canon, made of plastic and memory cards, almost daily, and...I always think of you. I know you're a little more on the hefty side, and let's face it, you can be quite cold at times. But things have never been as clear as they were when I look through your 28mm glass.
Now, you may be thinking, if I miss you so much, then why aren't you the one I'm taking out on all the weekends? I know it's embarrassing, but I just can't afford you. The film, the processing, the prints - we just weren't made for these times.
So, you may see me with the Canon, but I just want you to know'll always be my favorite.


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