Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hallow's Eve.

Above: Our pumpkins this year, and Bonny as a bumblebee! Pumpkins, left to right, clockwise: Chris' pumpkin, my mom's mummy pumpkin [she's too clever!], my pumpkin, and my dad's pumpkin [power tools were involved]
Hello friends!
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! [Although in my close-minded American-ness, I had not realized before this year that there are countries that don't really celebrate Halloween. My friend Tamara in Slovenia just informed me recently of a somewhat equivalent masquerade holiday called maškare - check it out!] I'm one who enjoys staying in on Halloween, and it's become a tradition for Christopher and I to watch movies and give out candy, and keep a running list of all the costumes we see. We didn't have many kids at all this year [more candy for us!], but this was our list:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Cat/Leopard [Not quite clear]
  • Princess
  • 1920's mobster
  • Goblin/creepy mask thing
  • Pilot
  • A knight
  • A purple fairy
  • Pirate (2)
  • Iron Man
  • The Thing
  • Dorothy [from The Wizard of Oz]
  • An Army man
  • Witch (3)
  • And, my personal favorite: A Lego. 
And, yes, we did dress up! <3

Christopher and I channeling our inner Ed and Shaun.

Unfamiliar? Here's a link to familiarize yourself with Shaun of the Dead :) Not up for reading? Here's a quick photo to reference.

Best wishes to everyone, and happy November!! I'm thrilled for this month, and promise some new shoots soon!



  1. Ok I'm seriously gonna start believing in telepathy as I'm just writing my new post and I mentioned YOU in it, before I even saw your post! This must be more than a coincidence. You'll see why I mentioned you! ;)

    Anyway, and here I thought I made a cool pumpkin. :D I think that if there was like a contest for the world's coolest pumpkins, you'd win! Seriously, they're a true work of art!

  2. And I forget to comment your costumes, HAHAH, you rock! :D Another reason why I'll start believing in telepathy - me watching Shaun of the dead yesterday and you wearing a costume from it! I read your e-mail, I'll write a reply right now! :)

  3. Nice pumpkins. Here in Portugal we are starting to celebrate halloween more and more. Last night I had a 2 groups of kinds comming to my door. One of 3 kids and another one of more a less 10 which was kind of crazy. I wasn't expecting that much, none at all.
    You look great in your costumes