Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday Excitement.

So, on the afternoon of Halloween, I ran in to Target to get some more Halloween candy. [We were not near a shortage, but I really wanted more chocolate. This is one of the few days of the year you can really get away with that.] As I was power-walking to the seasonal department [I am WAY too familiar with Target's layout], I noticed that Christmas was already taking over. Those lit-up deer that bob their heads up and down, the tinsel-wrapped ornaments, the wide variety of lights - all there.
I'm going to take this moment to try and explain something that seems impossible to; so please bear with me. In the simplest terms possible:

1. I am always appalled at how quickly stores start pushing Christmas, and every moment take a year to shake my head at how absurd it is to see snowflake wrapping paper in October.
2. I am absolutely in love with the holiday season, and find myself being that person that begins hoarding gift wrapping essentials [who am I kidding - they're not essential at all] way earlier than necessary.

I'm a complete contradiction, but at least I can admit it, right? Anyways, what this is bringing me to: I'm going to be like Target, and start pushing holiday photo-taking right now, two days after Halloween. Shameless promotion.

Wedding season's over for the most part, and there were some family photos last year that I was really  happy with. And it's a year later, I have more experience, more lenses, and way too much Christmas excitement.

I'm going to stop talking now - I've already explained way too many personal details, and basically revealed that I'm a middle-aged mother living inside a twenty-year-old's body. Besides, I have a holiday department to scope out.


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  1. I noticed about two or three weeks before Halloween, my local Target had aisles and aisles of Christmas stuff up. I too have always felt this was way to early to push it, so you are not alone lol.