Saturday, November 17, 2012

Untitled. [35mm]

I don't really know how to start with this - I'm about to share some old work, and I feel a need to preface it. Like I know many artists do, I cringe when I see something I created even a month ago. I've already moved on from that point, I'm over the excitement, and am only seeing the things I could have done better. Which, I mean, I know that sounds totally depressing in writing, but I see it as a sign of growth, and that I'm still on a path of improvement.
So normally, I wouldn't want to share old photos. I know that you can find them online, even just on here by hitting the 'older posts' button enough times. But these are in the realm of my very first 'serious' photos, if you can even call them that. These were taken right when I was learning to use a 35mm camera, and did not let it leave my side. Before make-up artists, hair stylists, models, Photoshop and Lightroom, reflectors and wardrobe styling, I just filled my lens with the places and friends that were surrounding me. And at the time, it seemed simple enough; but looking at these photos now is a little overwhelming. This is not my life anymore. I absolutely am not someone who wants to live in the past, but it's just so, so strange to look at a photo and remember the exact moment that you were in when it was taken.
And I am in love with my photography career today, as it stands. I love the editorial over-the-top, imaginarium that I can create, but [another depressing statement in three, two...] it's pretty cut and dry. There's no real sentiment attached to the images I create now; at least, not personal ones. I'll remember the day I took it, the process - but at I'm pretty sure they won't muster up the feelings that these do, or that old photos of my parents and childhood would.
This is getting into strange and abstract territory, so I'm just going to show the photos already. For those who have seen them before, many have asked what these were taken on. And to hopefully cover all bases, these were shot with Kodak 35mm black and white film, with a Nikkormat camera fitted with a 50mm lens, by a fifteen-year-old me.

All photos © Alexandra Wallace.


  1. I LOVE these. Like, really and completely love them. There is such an endearing grittiness to them.

  2. I love the atmosphere in these shots, I love your work normally but these have a really 'real life' feel to them. Its always hard to see old work (photography is only a hobby for me, but I feel the same) but sometimes I think we're far too critical of ourselves and our past styles of shooting