Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I Wore: A Photographer's List

So, I see quite a few of my blogger friends making posts under the title/theme of 'What I Wore'. I have my days of dapper dressing, but for the most part, I fall back on defaults. Here are some of my fall/winter shooting essentials.

1. Camera bag
So, this is the exact camera bag that I use every day. It's made by a lovely little company by the name of Epiphanie, and I had been eying it for almost a year before making the plunge. Made of vegan leather and with re-adjustable compartments, this is a thousand times better than wrapping your camera in t-shirts and putting it in a tote bag. I've brought this to weddings and shoots, and it works perfectly with more formal attire, or with casual clothing. If you're not an avid photographer and it's just a hobby, then I'd probably shy away from dropping the money for this; Etsy has some cute camera bags for less than half the cost of this. But if you're out shooting almost every day, and need something that looks classy -this is it.
2. Ankle boots
I am an avid TOMS-wearer. They're such a guilty pleasure - they only last a year at best, they need to be washed, and they're not cheap. But so comfortable. I have learned that they are not endurance shoes, however, and are not meant for running around in fields and climbing over rocks during shoots. I'm currently eying their new wedge boots [shown], but as of right now wear a pair of Wanted's ankle boots from their fall 2011 collection.
3. Warm coat
I love peacoats. Last Christmas my parents gave me a wool peacoat that has been the best coat I've ever owned. It's especially perfect for our foggy weather here on the coast, and is another piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. I recommend Lands End, American Apparel, or American Eagle.
4. Cozy, long scarf
Somehow over the years, I've acquired an enormous scarf collection. It doesn't snow where I live, but it gets mighty windy, and being able to wrap a scarf over your nose helps immensely. Currently loving the simplicity of these classic scarves.
5. Excellent tunes
I believe that the music I listen to influences the final product of what I'm creating, whether it's photographed, drawn, painted, etc. There are many albums and artists I love, but these are some staple albums for me when going out on shoots. [From left to right: Transatlanticism // Death Cab for Cutie, Boxer // The National, Phoebe // Chris Lambert, Greatest Hits // Blink 182]


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