Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Wore: Wedding Photographer Edition

So, after assembling together my everyday basics, I decided that it was only fitting to put together a few of my favorite go-to pieces for photographing a wedding or event!

1. Button-down blouse
I've tried a few different outfits for weddings, but really the best I've found so far is just a basic pair of pants and a somewhat loose blouse. I really love this one because it's in fitting autumnal/winter colors, but you can find a whole slew of 'em at Forever 21.
2. Basic black pants
I have two pairs of pants that I always fall back on [they're the only two that really fit me, one denim, one black - it just works], and let's face it - pants are just much more practical than trying to wear a dress or skirt while shooting. It's too much to worry about the wind kicking up, crouching for photos, etc. I personally love Bullhead Black's line.
I swear I'm not getting paid to endorse these guys! Seriously, comfortable shoes are always the way to go, and these are them for me. I have basic canvas pairs, but I've always thought that their ribbon-wrapped or sequined pairs would be fantastic for event shooting.
4. A not-button-down blouse
This season I've gotten really into the peter pan collar trend, but I also love the neck-tie blouses I'm seeing. I don't personally own one, but I think one like this would be fantastic for semi-formal events. In the market? Try ModCloth.
5. A cozy sweater
Okay, fun fact: I love grey sweaters. Especially charcoal, heathered grey. I don't know why, I just love them, and own too many. I own too much grey in general. Works with everything, not too bold, and perfect for when it starts getting colder outside.