Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Photos © Madalyn Hunt, 2012.
At a recent shoot I did, I was having a conversation with the hair stylist, who was explaining how she loves doing other people's hair, but hates doing her own in the morning. And with that I replied that I love taking photos of other people, but hate taking them of myself.
There are some people who are just really good at taking photos of themselves, whether it be professionally, or at an amateur level. [Or an iPhone level ;) ] They know their best angles, the right look to give - and I am completely clueless to those things. Last year I did a photo-a-day project and one month was dedicated entirely to self-portraits, and I avoid looking at them whenever possible. Just...not my calling.
I do have a handful of photographer friends in the area though, and I'm more than happy to volunteer if they need a model [because if anything, I know how much one can need a model at times]. These photos were taken earlier this week by my friend Maddy, who now has her own Facebook page! I was lucky enough to model this dress she found at the thrift store for ninety-five cents - and for thirty minutes I felt like I could go to the Oscars! :)

In other news, I'm happy to share a few recent features I've had on other sites and blogs!

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PS: HOW is it December already??

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  1. You may not like taking self portraits but you look amazing in that first shoot. Your friend has skills. And I cant believe its december either the year has disappeared!
    Daisy Dayz