Saturday, December 8, 2012

Outtakes: Week Forty Six

© Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
First of all, I need to address something - a few people via Facebook have brought up the comparison between this shoot and David Bowie, and just so everyone is clear - it is absolutely not a coincidence. Oddly enough, the idea for this entire concept came shorty after I found myself driving to Christopher's house while listening to radio [I listen to our local classic rock station a lot; there's a certain comfort I find somehow in listening to the same songs I know repeated over and over again on a daily basis] and hearing Bowie's "China Girl" come on. And as I expressed to Chris once the drive was over - I decided that I didn't really like it that much. It just didn't click with me.
And then, after a few hours, I started thinking about David Bowie in general. The extent of his music I own is the album Hunky Dory, and I haven't even listened to it since mid-high school.
Anyways - many Wikipedia articles later, and I decided to take on inspiration in its most obvious form possible. Ariel seriously outdid herself with this, and this entire idea came to be so much better than I expected. As Nadia and I were discussing while shooting, it's a strange line between avoiding the "cheesiness" of David Bowie, and in immersing yourself in it. [Everyone loving my gold shirt? I might actually start wearing it after seeing Nadia make it look so cool...]

I'm currently in a state of denial about upcoming finals week, and am happy to announce another shoot happening in just a couple days that has taken a lot of planning, but I know is going to be so worth it!



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