Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ask Away!

Earlier this month I featured three lovely ladies that I work with on a regular basis, and had a ball asking them to share a little more about their techniques, lives, and desert island scenarios.

And now, it's your turn to do some interrogating!

I've gotten an increased number of questions in my Facebook page inbox from Photoshop questions to camera models to natural lighting techniques, and so I'm going to be doing a post soon dedicated to answering any and all questions you have, whether it's on the technical side of things, or if you just want to know my favorite color!

I've opened up a Formspring account for this very purpose, and you can type in any question [feel free to leave your name or keep in anonymous], hit 'ask', and you should see a response shortly!



PS: Questions can also always be directed via e-mail at

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