Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From My Closet

Dress. slip & socks: Free People, Necklace: Forever 21, Belt: My mom's
It strikes me every once and a while that I spend most of my time behind the camera as a fashion photographer, and yet there is little to no proof that I have much interest/awareness for styling, myself. Well, if that thought has crossed the mind of anyone else, I am here to nip it in the bud!
Alex did my makeup after seeing an outfit I picked out of my closet, and helped me put together my very first outfit post! Although the weather's been a little too chilly for it lately, this pairing has been a perfect mix of winter in California - wool over-the-knee socks to keep warm, but a dress that works once the sun comes out after the morning clouds :) My dress [and the slip underneath] and cozy socks were all finds from Free People this winter, and that braided belt is my mom's! It is the perfect belt from jeans to skirts and, as you can see, dresses!

I'm not too keen on photos of my face, but super kudos to Alex for giving me pink lips [for the first time ever!] and helping me do this! I know I'd never be able to make this too regular of a thing, but I'm hoping for more to come in the future! :)

I hope everyone has had a good Wednesday so far; if you're like me and in school, Friday cannot come soon enough.




  1. These are crazy gorgeous! You should definitely do more of these. That is perfect for California weather :D

  2. I love these! You look stunning. I love the lipstick. and the photo with your hands on your head.. oh man, so pretty!!

  3. YOU'RE NOT TOO KEEN ON PHOTOS OF YOUR FACE?! Please! Stop. You're gorgeous, this is gorgeous, I want more.

  4. You look so so so sooooooooo beautiful, Allie. <3 If Matt from The National sees this, I bet you're gonna be his inspiratoion for his next song! ;) And the dress is pure perfection, it's black, it has peter pan collar and lace. I couldn't think of a more perfect dress, seriously. WE WANT MORE OUTFIT POSTS! :)