Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Ariel Lizarraga.

Hello again, everyone! It wouldn't be a party without the crazy talented Ariel, who has been doing hair and make-up for many of my shoots since this summer. I loved finally getting the chance to get a few photos of her that weren't just of her doing styling, either! :) 

What got you started in make-up artistry and hair styling?

Starting at a young age, I have always had a thing for art or anything that is related to art. At age five, my mother put me in ballet class. I danced everything from ballet to jazz to tap and even belly dancing. So from all of the dancing, I performed a lot, doing everything from recitals to local productiosn to competitions. Stage makeup and hair was always a requirement, so that is where it sparked up for me. I loved putting on make-up and altering my look. I would often help my fellow dance mates with their make-up or with those tricky lash appilications! Being on the cheer team in junior high and dance team in high school, colorful eyeshadow was a must to show school spirit, and I loved it!

What's your educational background? Have you ever considered pursuing somehting outside of cosmetology, or have you always known this is what you wanted to do?

Oh boy, my career choices changed so often during community college. I wanted to do so many different things, but couldn't set my heart on just one career. I graduated high school early to get a head start in college. I took so many different art classes, hoping to spark up a career path. I danced my whole life and wanted to become a professional dancer, but due to physical injuries, my body wouldn't keep up. After that, I switched to fashion design and wanted to go to FIDM, but was afraid of getting bored with it after a while. So, I finally thought about cosmetology school and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense with which path I wanted to go for my career. So I enrolled in a private beauty school, graduated, got my license, and started at Trends Salon [my current employer] literally a day after I got my license!

Dream job?

My dream job is to have my own signature line that is well-known, of beauty products and to travel the world beautifying everyone with my line! [lol ;) ]

What are your favorite styles to do for hair and make-up?

I have to say my favorite is avant garde/fantasy. Creating anything that is un-human-like gets me so excited!

Your favorite make-up/styling job so far?

The 'bird-inspired' shoot is probably one of my favorite shoots that we've done! Using the bird feathers and textures as inspiration let my creativity flow, and got me on a roll. One of the hairstylists that I work along with totally got what I was going for and joined me to finish up the model, and created something so awesome that our finished look blew us away.

What's in your personal make-up bag?

I hoard around a bag of lipsticks and glosses just in case I have to touch up after lunch. I forget to put them back in my make-up drawers at home by the end of the day, so the collection keeps growing until I can't fit anymore! [I know, so lame!]

What inspires your designs?

Often, my inspriation comes from high fashion editioral looks to drag queen looks. Having my model's complextion color and the color wheel in mind, I try to create a look that has flow and is in sync with the theme.

Who are your make-up idols?

Drag queens, particularly "Petrilude", who is never shy of crazy make-up, Alex Box, Queen of Blending, and Kevin Aucoin.

No one can escape my ridiculous line of questioning:

Top five albums?

Kimbra: "Vows"
Dedmau5: "Random Album Title"
Little Boots: "Illuminations"
Wax Tailor: "Gourmet Scavenger"
Katy B: "Katy on a Mission"

What are your tattoos of? 

My whole arm is an assortment of hair, make-up and one of my favorite artists' paintings to express my passion for this industry. My foot tattoo is my zodiac symbol for February. My back is a colorful sugarskull with symbols representing my family around it and peacock feathers, because I just love them! I have a black and white portrait of a ballerina pinup by Gil Elvgreen, my favoirte artist for pin-up paintings, to remind me of how much I love dance. And my latest tattoo is a vintage-like cameo of a kitten I got with my girlfriend Lindsay on our two-year anniversary. I got a kitten and she got a bunny tattooed, because they are our nicknames for each other <3

It seems like you're always on your feet - what do you love to do on your days off from working?

Spend time with my girlfriend, if we both have the day off [which is rare], but most of the time she's at work managing Urban Decay's make-up counter, so then I love to just relax and bum around or clean the house! I'm so busy during the week with both of my jobs from the hair salon to the make-up counter that I am very appreciative of peace and quiet in my home. If my house is all clean, I love reading or diving into my make-up and playing around with looks!

You're trapped on a desert island. You're allowed to bring five things. What are they?

I'd bring a knife, an ice box, a torch, rope, and a blanket. I'm no survival of the fittest type, but I'll sure try if I had no choice!

Top five films?

Billy Elliot
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Dancer in the Dark
Center Stage

[All but one are dance related movies :) ]

You can find Ariel on tumblr and Twitter! And she's on Instagram @sprkle_makeup59, and has over 14,000 followers! I know, right? 


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