Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free Couples Photos for Valentine's Day

I'm really behind on posting these on here, but if you've been following on Facebook, a lot of them probably look familiar! On this last Saturday afternoon, over fifteen couples came to have their photos taken together by me for Valentine's Day! Friends, strangers, and people of all ages attended, and I'm still smiling while looking through all of them! :) During a little lull in the day, Christopher and I were informed by the sweetest lady who happened to pass us in the park that the event had even been printed in one of the local papers! I've included photographic proof.

Pretty awesome, right?? I'm still excited about it. If you want to see more photos, there are quite a few more on my Facebook page :)

As for the time being, I have a few shoots coming up this next week, and hopefully some wedding bookings for this spring/summer! Crossing my fingers!



  1. This post is SO full of love. :) Great job Allie!

  2. That's amazing! The photos came out beautiful :)

  3. You are so super awesome and these are all so darling! :D

  4. what a great idea and so sweeet!! this is amazing! so great.