Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From My Closet: Mint & Eyelash Lace

Dress & Tights: Forever 21, Boots: Urban OG

Lace dresses never get old to me. Actually, I love lace anything. And I've been loving the recent trend of mint green, and I just happened to have a matching mint dress and mint door! [Is that weird? I'll answer my own question: Yes.] And I'm not sure how much this has really come up on here, but I'm pretty vertically challenged. The boots I'm wearing are a pair I bought very specifically for Christopher's album release party last August, and I love them and always tell myself I should wear them more [they go with everything!], but seriously, who has the time and energy to wear four or five inch heels? Kudos to all the women who manage to pull that off daily, but I am definitely not one of them. I'll stick with flats and the occasional stepping stool.

Alex is responsible for the above photos, and for the make-up artistry! [I'm responsible for my messy hair though - I come from a windy town and there is no wrangling windblown waves.]

And, I'm excited to share that I have shoots lined up for both tomorrow, and Saturday! Both pretty different from each other, but both with new models that I haven't worked with before! Excitement :)


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  1. I loveee the new fashion posts you put up now about yourself! :)