Thursday, February 14, 2013

On the Road // BE MINE Winner Announced!

So, I still have iPhone shame. Not necessarily for owning one, but the fact that I take advantage of using the camera on it so often [daily - let's be honest], when I could be using my big kid camera. If there's any excuse, it's that despite packing it up and charging the battery and clearing the card - I forgot to take the actual camera bag into the car, before embarking on this particular adventure.
And this adventure just happened to be Christopher and I heading up to Sacramento to see comedian Louis C.K. perform!! Chris introduced me to his stand-up quite while back, and since then we have heard/seen all of his specials, and every episode of his FX show Louie. Needless to say, we are pretty big fans. It was an over five hour drive north to get to Sacramento [the first time for either of us to go there], and while the show itself was incredible [almost two hours of jokes, amazing seats, great crowd], the drive was pretty dismal, landscape-wise. So on the way home yesterday, we decided to stop somewhere else we had also never ventured to before - the James Dean memorial site, where his fatal car accident took place. It's nothing overdone, but it's a perfect stopping place; we made it there just as the sun was starting to go down, ate dinner at the Jack Ranch Cafe, and then took a walk around the building to stop at the memorial tree and plaque that reside there. I'm not James Dean's biggest fan, but it was a really memorable experience, and I'm really happy we made that stop :)

Also, I documented a couple more name misspellings - I know this has come up before, and they're always fun for headshakes.

And now that I've built up some suspense, I have the winner of the Be Mine Valentine's Giveaway!! The winner is....wait for it....
Doris Trevino! Congratulations, and I will e-mailing you shortly to get your shipping address :)

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day! Happy Valentine's Day, and whether you're single or taken, just enjoy life and all of the chocolate that is in it!

As my grandma used to do at the end of all of her letters: xoxo,


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