Thursday, March 7, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Naomi and Lavender Spring 2013

I told myself that I was going to post all of these as soon as I got home from doing this shoot, and, well, exhaustion won. I am usually pretty good about editing photos as soon as I get home from a shoot [weddings included!], but Tuesday was an exception. Yes, that's right - it took two days to get to this!! I apologize.
There's no non-cliche way to say this, but this week I had the shoot of my dreams. Literally months in the making, this was something that I would have to say took everything to a whole new level. Basically, I got to work with some fantastic people, a perfect location, and a gorgeous spring collection line that I wish I could have just taken and shoved into my own closet.

The photos from the shoot will be used for the spring collection lookbook over at Naomi and Lavender - I highly recommend you give them a gander! Really lovely clothes, and a great staff. I'm still so thrilled that I had this opportunity, and will be posting a little preview soon! [You can find one up right now on my Facebook page!]


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