Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long Beach // Santa Monica

Yesterday was a much-needed little getaway!! Christopher and I joined my parents in heading down to Long Beach to give the Queen Mary another visit [my mom and I saw the Princess Diana gowns on display there - I can't say I would wear any of them, myself, but it's always amazing to see pieces of history!], and we also made a stop to the Santa Monica pier - somewhere I had never been before and had been wanting to see! Unfortunately it was cloudy skies for us, but I'm still happy I got to see it - I love being by the ocean, and couldn't have asked for better company <3

Also, I'm happy to share a couple new features! A set of my photos was showcased on Borrowed & Blue the other day, and you can also find my spring collection photos for Jessalin Beutler up on her website now!


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