Friday, April 12, 2013


So, I start feeling guilty when I don't update often on here. I'm sure that's a really recent, within-the-last-decade problem people encounter, but...either way, it happens. And it gets to me enough that I find myself typing out stuff without any new photos to accompany it. Which feels kind of pointless, considering I'm pretty sure almost everyone that looks at this is looking for photos.
Before I start making fake photoshoots in MS Paint to post on here [I was THIS close...], let me simply update. And then my conscience can be clear, and you can move on to your other Internet-ly activities.
I've been chasing after a lot of publication opportunity lately, and am trying very much to start getting some fashion editorials going. I'm finding that the hardest part of this is that most publications want photos that haven't published anywhere else [understandably], which means that I can't post photos right after I take them and edit them. Yes, this means I am sitting on a pile of photos right now that have been done for days, and am just waiting to see if I can put them up or not.
Anyways - I'm going to stop myself before I do any rambling. Just please don't think I'm a sitting duck - I promise I'm keeping more than busy! And will take some photos soon that can give me the instant gratification of being able to post them immediately. Never take anything for granted!!

Oh, also: I forgot to mention I'm seeing The Postal Service tonight. Yes, THE Postal Service!! An incredible twist of fate led Christopher and I to getting two tickets of a show that sold out almost immediately. I have their album on my computer, on vinyl, and listened to them all through high school, and even used to sing Jen Woods' part of "Nothing Better" live when I played in a band [which was like four years ago now? Sheesh, I feel weird now...]. I am still in disbelief, and can't wait to see them with the person I love and some of our closest friends! <3

I'm ending this post for realsies now.


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