Monday, April 22, 2013

Preview: Rock N Roll Bride

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
So, here's what happened: I never, ever saw myself becoming a wedding photographer. It's not something I didn't want, it's just something that had never really been in my line of sight. And then last summer I really dove into it, and did quite a few weddings, even into the fall season. And now, it's spring, the sun is starting to come out, and wedding season is in full gear. I've already done one this year so far, and have quite a few more on the way. And I've been really lucky to have had wonderful brides to work with, and am so grateful to be in the spot that I'm in. And with this somewhat newfound awareness of the wedding world, I decided to try something different. And that different-ness is what you're seeing in the photo right ^ up there. After seeing many styled bridal shoots, I decided to come up with my own.
She's glamorous, but not afraid to get dirty. She's beautiful, but not traditional. She wiped away a tear during her vows, but then rode away on a motorcycle. She's a song from The Clash played loud, she loves pink and ink, glitter, and is a badass bride. [My overactive imagination needs some sort of outlet, right?] With the help of some really talented and kind people who somehow are able to translate my ideas into physical form, the Rock N Roll bride was created. I'm really, really excited about this set of photos, and can't wait to share!

And if you're getting hitched in the near future and want something a little different...we are more than happy to re-create this for you.



We promise it will be fun :)


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