Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet Cowboy! // Santa Ana Weekend

This is my nephew, Cowboy! He just turned six :) This last weekend, Christopher and I went down to Santa Ana to visit my brother's family, and Cowboy showed us all of his cars, and we watched the movie Vampire Dog with him. The movie itself was the children's equivalent of the movie The Room, but being able to watch it with him made it wonderful :) Also, I had to take a photo while this was happening - totally melted my heart:

Chris looking for hidden pictures with Cowboy <3
Overall, my brother has just the sweetest family. His wife Tasha has a very quickly growing face painting/balloon twisting/glitter tattoos business in Orange County [if you ever need any of those for your party or event, check her out right here!! She just set up a new website!] They also have two daughters, Becca and Natalie, who are growing up so crazy fast into kind, intelligent young women! So, so proud to be their tia <3

More photos from this week to come, but just had to share those!! 


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