Monday, June 10, 2013

Maternity Preview: Jessalyn and Kurtis

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
When I saw that an acquaintance from my high school days was pregnant with a baby girl, I knew she would be perfect for doing a little styled maternity shoot - especially seeing as that I've never taken maternity photos before! I was so happy when Jessalyn and her husband, Kurtis, agreed, and let me tell you - they were they perfect pair! They even brought their pet Boxer, Tootz, along, who ended up being just as photogenic! :)
Jessalyn's hair and makeup were done by Kari Bishop, who also was my assistant for the afternoon :)

Kari and Tootz.
I'm excited to share the rest!! They came out super adorable, and I couldn't have had a better first maternity session!


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