Friday, June 14, 2013


© Alexandra Wallace, 2013. Hair and make-up by Ariel Lizarraga.
Skyler and I had come into contact not too long ago, and had discussed doing a shoot together. Then this week, she sent me a message that she had just been signed in Burbank to do singing, acting, and modeling, and would be leaving on Monday to start work! I was lucky Ariel had an open morning at the salon for hair and makeup on Thursday, and so began a very last-minute shoot! Skyler brought along some dresses and I contributed by Collection B jacket, and we had ourselves a bit of an old glam look going. [And yes, that is a drive-in theater! We're so lucky to have one of those!]



  1. Great job! Those are wonderful.


  2. you are amazing at taking photos! x
    - Jianine