Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Headlights in Open Fields.

Chantal and Sarah at work in the salon.
Me at work in the salon. Trust me, this is the safest thing I could be doing in a salon. I have no beautician skills whatsoever.
See! I didn't do too bad!
Last night was a pretty thrown-together affair, but I think it had some neat results! What originally was planned to be a sunset-lit shoot turned into a bit of a lighting experiment - it's not the first time I've tried photographing a model at night, and it's always a challenge to try and get everything in the right place for it to work! And luckily, thanks to Ana, we had the headlights of her Honda Pilot to light up the show!
And let's not forget about wardrobe - that fluffy pink tulle skirt? [I know, you can't even really tell that's pink, just trust me!] The bottom of a 90s prom dress I bought at the thrift store earlier in the day, that we converted.
And so there you have it! A lot of girls helped out on getting everything together for this, and I'm really liking our end result!

MUA: Chantal Ortega
Hair: Ana Garcia Cheadle and Sarah Healey of The Hair Lounge
Model: Monae


I'm never aware I do that weird lean thing until I see a photo of myself doing it.
© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.

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