Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sedgwick Family.

Last week, my cousin Lisa sent me a message letting me know she was in the area with her family, and wanted to know if there was any chance I could take her family photos. Of course I wasn't going to pass that one up! So on Saturday, my mom and I drove down to Santa Barbara, spent the day together, ate some cupcakes, and then went to the beach, where I took these!
I've known Lisa's husband Dan for a long time [theirs was the first wedding I had ever been to! Who knew it would be the first of so, so many!], but I hadn't had the opportunity to meet their two little daughters yet! Let me tell you, they are more adorable than photos can convey! They loved climbing the rocks, and I loved listening to them call sea anemones 'sea enemies'.

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
I can't wait to take more like these in the future! Family photos have never been my strongest suit, but it's so much fun when it's a loving family, and one that you know! :)


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