Thursday, August 1, 2013


As you must have surmised at this point, I work with a lot of people who are very skilled at what they do. And in most cases, those people are taking my ideas, however vague or detailed they may be, and running with them. But this, my friends, I have to credit all to Ana - she's a hairstylist I always love working with, and these are her creations that I captured! These three ladies had normal, everyday hair, and she cut, colored, and styled them into works of art!

Just for a 'what WHAT??' factor  - remember that styled white bridal shoot I did in early June? [I put a link right there, in case you need a refresher.] Okay, now look at the model in that one more time. Ready? Here she is, after a few hours with us!

To answer the much-asked question, no that is not a wig! And yes, I wish I could pull off the look flawlessly, as well.
Let's not forget about makeup, either! The talented Chantal Ortega came up with these looks for all three ladies, and I think they are quite fitting for each! [And how many people can pull of black lipstick like that?]

If you're looking for more, you can find more photos from this shoot on my Facebook page here, and the page of Ana's salon, The Hair Lounge.


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