Friday, August 23, 2013

Shooting Jessalin Beutler's Fall 2013 Campaign

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
Before anything, let's talk about that shot - Caitlin never fails to be a stunner, right?? I love her smize action. And the scarf has a print of a horse in purple on it...and so I got her to stand by a horse...ah? See what I did there? But seriously, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with wonderful, sweet friends on amazing locations. And look! I even made a new pal!

I wanted to be a zoologist so badly when I was younger, and to work with animals. I think the way things have worked out, I'm getting a pretty good balance of both :)
Anyhow; about a week ago, I got a box filled with pieces from Jessalin Beutler's fall collection. [It always feels like Christmas when those boxes come!] I saw that a scarf [above] had a repeated print of a horse, and instantly knew what must be done. Also, this awesome promo postcard was in the box as well; I had to share. If you've seen it already, I'm sorry - I'm still excited about it.

I had to keep the Urban Outfitters ad comparison comment in there.
And so, after some coordinating with Caitlin [who works full time as a chemist, complete with a lab coat that has her name on it!], Shaunna [a really sweet model I've worked with who lives on a horse ranch], and Ana [hair stylist wizard], I got this show on the road! [Well, I guess I asked that the show get started, and then ate candy and petted horses until it was my turn to come on.]

So! I have more photos to come, but I thought a little behind the scenes update was a good place to start :) I'll keep you posted! [ a blog post...okay, I'm done, I promise.]


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