Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding: Monica and Hector

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
How many photographers get to have a themed wedding to photograph, much less an elegant gothic one? I'm going to bet not many are as lucky as I was this last Saturday :) From my first meeting with Monica, I knew she was going to have all the details down, but my expectations were seriously blown out of the water. With the setting being the historical [and, allegedly, haunted] Santa Maria Inn, this wedding was a dark sea of red, black, filigree and candle flames. I was thrilled to start the day with Ariel, who is responsible for Monica's awesome makeup and hair [that fascinator is gorgeous!], and loved having such a specific vibe for the wedding portraits. I wish only the best to Monica, Hector, and their son Dracen, and am so grateful I had the wonderful opportunity to capture their big day! <3



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  3. I love the details and the color combination... So beautiful!