Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flower Power Pool Party.

This last weekend, I met up with friend and fellow photographer Grace to do some shooting! After each of us made a trip to Trader Joe's, and we got our makeup done by Ana [totally different for us!], we went to a friend's backyard pool and took turns jumping in and modeling. And let me tell you, that pool was chilly! We had both been talking about how hot the weather was earlier [it was about ten in the morning and already eighty degrees out], but by the time our teeth were chattering in the water, we were done complaining. I'm including a little preview :)

I love those colors!! And bright orange Gerber daisies? Perfect summer flower. I'm excited to share more in the near future!

You can find Grace on her website [I'm even in a couple of her 'recent work' photos! ;) ], and on her Facebook page. And for fellow photographers out there, she recently started up a professional retouching business, that I highly recommend checking out! She's got some serious skills that I've had to call on a few times.

Bottom line - check out that girl's work! She's super talented, and also a great shooting buddy :)


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