Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modern Audrey.

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
I've always loved Audrey Hepburn. And I am kind of cringing as I type that, because I know there are so many twenty-something-year-old girls out there in my generation that claim the likings of her [as well as Marilyn Monroe] are their spirit animal that they can't get enough of, and I just happen to fit into the statistic. If I had more time to type right now, I would list all of the Audrey movies I've seen, my favorite outfits in all of them [that red dress in Funny Face?], but I'll just ask you to please take my word on my near-lifelong admiration of said actress.
This weekend I took some portraits of a really lovely girl named Megan, who coincidentally is the roommate of one of my other favorite models to work with! Megan had never modeled in any way before, but I think we can all agree that she did a fabulous first try. I'm sharing a few of the looks that we did - it was sheer luck that Ana had a pair of cat-eye Dior sunglasses that fit in perfectly to the vibe!

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
MUA: Chantal Ortega
Hair: Ana Garcia Cheadle of The Hair Lounge


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