Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Silver Fox.

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
One of my very favorite things about photography is being able to visualize something, and just..having the ability to recreate it and bring it to reality. That shot in the second row of photos, the one on the left - I don't know what inspired it exactly, but I just had that exact image in my head. And so when I went out to take these with Nadia, I knew that had to be one of them, and...well, there it is! [This sounds much less exciting in writing...]
It's been a long wedding season, and I've loved it, but I'm really happy to be falling into autumn and enjoying being able to take some bigger leaps in creative direction. Lookbooks, styled shoots, crazy makeup and paint and lots of teased hair - all in the future!
These were taken at a huge park just minutes from my house [I was actually bitten by one of those geese at the wee age of two], and Nadia has an excellent closet and fun collection of vintage finds, so it wasn't hard to quickly put together a few different looks before the sun broke through the clouds. [And I'm still in love with that flower fishtail braid Ana whipped up!]

MUA: Melinda Tully
Hair: Ana Garcia Cheadle of The Hair Lounge
Nails: Sarah Healey of The Hair Lounge
Model: Nadia


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