Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Be Haunted

I used to do behind the scenes posts all the time, and now that I've been putting this together, I'm realizing it's been too long! It's hard to orchestrate shoots as they get more involved, and one of the last things I think about by the end is making sure there are photos along the way of it happening! This weekend I did another collaborative shoot with local artist Jamie Chestnut, and he brought his own camera to make a time lapse video of himself painting Bailey, our model, and took a few photos of the shoot itself happening!

Courtesy of Jamie Chestnut.
I'm not particularly proud of my outfit [it's always the days you end up getting your picture taken, am I right?], but I love seeing how a model's movements and expressions can be felt even from a distance. I get so *into* what I'm doing that I usually forget there are other people that can see the same thing I do.

Courtesy of Jamie Chestnut.
The final photos and that time lapse to come soon! :)


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