Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIRT Album Release @ Certain Sparks

© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
I was wondering the other day if I qualify yet for being one of those lead protagonists that leads a double life; days spent photographing romance in California's wine country, nights spent in the dark crowds of shows, camera shutter silenced by the sounds carried by amplifiers and kick drums. Can you tell I was secretly creating a synopsis for a comic book adaptation of my life?
My boyfriend has been playing a lot of shows lately [perhaps you saw this post?] with Millions, and on Saturday night they played a show celebrating the album release for the bad Dirt

Louie and the Abra-Cadavers.
Millions. Randall Sena, Mic Singh, Brice Ogan, Chris Lambert.
© Alexandra Wallace, 2013.
This night of music took place at Lompoc's local recording studio, Certain Sparks.


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