Friday, November 29, 2013

What to Give the Photographer.

I can't believe we're already knee-deep in the holiday season already! So crazy. I like to do my Christmas shopping early, and I do almost all of it online. I like Christmas shopping a little too much, [and gift wrapping WAY too much] so I decided to be productive and make a little gift guide! I have titled it WHAT TO GIVE THE PHOTOGRAPHER and it goes as such:

1. It's the little things
Not long after I got my first DSLR camera, I bought a camera strap cover for it. I know that it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference. Cameras come with a strap when you buy them, but they are often black, have huge, branded writing on them, and are most likely quite uncomfortable. Bloom Theory has a gorgeous collection of camera straps that are made for both beauty and comfort.
2. Constant inspiration
Belle Lumiere is a new magazine founded by Lemonade and Lenses creator Lexi Vornberg, and features beautiful editorials by film photographers. Printed on high-quality post-consumer paper by Artifact Uprising, you can purchase the latest issue here.
3. Already running out of ways to title these
But who needs a hook on this one, right?? I wouldn't even know about this little gem if Christopher hadn't given one to me last Christmas! As you can most likely infer from the photo above, it's a coffee mug disguised as a very convincing camera lens! [I've even picked mine up a few times, mistaking it for just that!] You can't go wrong with this one :)
4. Because she needs something to put all her stuff in
I am not a purse gal - I almost never have a bag over my shoulder...unless it is my camera bag. Which goes a whole lot of places with me. I have an Epiphanie bag [the Ginger in caramel, to be precise], and it has never failed me. Vegan leather, re-arrangeable compartments, super durable - it has been with me through rain [several times] and shine, and keeps everything inside safe and sound.

There you have it! Happy gifting! :)


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  1. I love it all! That strap is super cute, and I definitely need the coffee mug...

    feathers and ash