Friday, December 20, 2013

Explainations // Holidays // Updates

There are five days until Christmas, and eleven days until the end of this year. Information that I am aware of, but totally not prepared for. Mentally prepared, I should say. Because honestly, I started my Christmas gift preparations ridiculously early, and have only a couple things left to wrap. I've been to the Christmas tree farms, already watched several holiday films, and worn lots of sweaters in the past few weeks. I apologize to anyone who has noticed me wearing the same ones several times in a row - it's hard to find a good sweater, and when you do, you just want to live in it.
For some reason though, I feel like Christmas has come way too fast. I feel like this year in general has just flown by. I was looking back on everything, and my head was spinning at how much has happened and how quickly it went by! Also, I was racking up all the shows I went to this year, and I have to brag a little bit. This year only, 2013, Christopher and I have seen The Postal Service, Modest Mouse, Blink 182, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleetwood Mac, and Jimmy Eat World all live. How lucky am I?? We even spotted John Mulaney at the Fleetwood Mac concert! [Chris has gotten me into so many fantastic stand-up comedians, and he is one of them. If you haven't heard his special New in Town, I highly recommend it.]
I can talk about all photo things that have happened this year, but honestly, if you're reading this right now, you've probably seen most of them, and I'll let them speak for themselves. I don't like posting too many personal things online, but I don't want to be a total stranger, either. And I haven't been updating this too much lately, and have had a strange sense of guilt about it, and am going to attempt relieving that feeling by telling you [dear reader] what I have been up to!
As previously stated, I started Christmas-ing pretty early this year. And as it is tradition, Christopher and I went and picked out a tree together [its name is Treebert], and I even made some handmade ornaments! [See above photo.] We also watched Elf and Jingle All the Way [we had to repeat everything Arnold Schwarzenegger said as it played, and I can't believe he held any sort of political office], and have been at work at some pretty awesome Christmas gifts to give to our close loved ones :) And my parents and I also took a trip to the Christmas tree farm, and have been picking up ornaments every day as Bonny's wagging tail knocks them off the branches. [Also, I know I've totally lagged on the Bonny Mondays; I promise to deliver a good one this coming Monday!] We also listen to Amy Grant's A Christmas Album every year, despite never listening to Amy Grant ever on any other occasion. Every family has their holiday album [or at least, I think they do], and that one has always been the one I put on first.
I've also been a bit swamped with family photos; so many holiday portraits this year!! I'm doing the last few this weekend, as well as a winter wedding [remember this couple? Yep, it's theirs!] on Sunday. And then I think I'm home free, for the most part! I've seen a few photographers do some pretty amazing New Years Eve inspiration shoots, but I can't even wrap my head around attempting something like that with everything else going on during the holidays!

Anyways, I'm feeling a little better now that I've explained myself a bit as to where I've been. I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and Christopher, and to give Bonny lots of wrapping paper to play with. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I'm really looking forward to what the new year is going to bring :)



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