Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Sparkle with Alex Evans!

Some people are gifted with a natural talent for makeup artistry. I am not one of those people. Luckily, however, I know a few ladies who are, and Alex Evans is one of them! She's outlined a tutorial for all of you who are looking for some pretty looks to try out for the holidays, and I took photos along the way! [I am 100% a visual learner.] Ready? Here we go!
We're going to start off with a softer look. Now, in that top photo, you can see Alex's Urban Decay palette [that one in particular is the Book of Shadows], and she used a flat eyeshadow brush to cover her lid with the light, pearl-colored shadow Zepher. She then used a blending brush to put Bust, a pale sable brown, along the crease of her eye.
Then, using MAC brush no. 209 [I know there are a lot of specifics here, but feel free to substitute any of these things with your own makeup tools!], she did a thin, winged line with Maybelline's Eye Studio liner in black. If you're like me, this may take a couple practice runs to get that little eye swoop just right - but trust us, the effect is definitely worth it!

Got the eye swoop? Good job! Now, Alex used a mix of both bronzer and blush on her cheeks to make them more defined. First, she brushed on Gold Deposit bronzer by MAC, and then added Pink Swoon to the apples of her cheeks. Doing this adds some warmth to your face, which can be especially helpful during the winter season!

Now, to top off this look, Alex added a girly, pink lip color that's fun, but subtle enough for a holiday brunch with family or day out of shopping. First, she used MAC's Half Red lip liner to outline her lips, and then filled that in with the lipstick color Hue.

After your lipstick is on, Alex recommends adding a coat of pink gloss. For her look, she used Wonderstuck by MAC. [Just to clarify, Alex used to work for MAC, and is a pro at knowing all of their products. We're not attempting to just shamelessly plug them this whole time ;) ]

This completes our first look! Now, because Alex is a makeup genius, things are about to get even more exciting - with just a few quick steps, this more casual look can be transitioned into a much more va-va-voom one! Have a New Year's party to go to in the evening? Be the belle of the ball - the Time's Square Ball, that is! [I feel like I could have a potential career in advertising. Or Laffy Taffy wrapper jokes.]
Now, for perhaps the most basic of makeup things - a black eyeliner pencil! [Something even I own!] You're going to want to move back up to your eyes, and use that pencil along your waterline.

The holidays are filled with sparkles, and so Alex is adding in some shine with, you've probably guessed it - glitter! Just by dabbing it on with her finger, she's pressed on Reflects Gold by MAC - and as a word of caution, a little goes a long way!

Also, to add definition to the eyes and a little extra glamour, Alex recommends a good black mascara; she uses Rimmel's Scandaleyes. Yes, I did enjoy the punny name as she read it to me off the bottle.
Earlier I used 'va-va-voom' to describe this look, and I promise you will not be let down. The most voom-y part is about to happen. Alex is going to take that pale pink lip to a much deeper red - every classic holiday look for decades has had red lips!
The red used today is a mix of MAC's Burgundy lip pencil, and then Electra lipstick by NYX. [That lipstick is four dollars, people. Four. Dollars.]

Got it? Ready for the final reveal?

Va-va-BOOM! [I've been sitting on that one for a good five minutes. I promise to cut it out, now. Just focus on how awesome Alex looks.]

There you have it! Enjoy your holiday season, and take advantage of having a reason to wear glitter on your face! 
For more from Alex, you can check her out on Facebook, or follow her Instagram, @alexmakeupart.




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