Friday, January 10, 2014

Things and Things.

© Alexandra Wallace, 2014.
Photography, and really, any art, is not about the equipment you need - it's how you use what you have. It's not how nice your camera is, or how expensive your amp was, what brand of gouache you bought for your art class, or what version of Photoshop you have.
All of those things can help, and they can help a lot. But whether you are someone that credits a good photo to the camera it was taken on, or someone who thinks they would do better if they had the more expensive thing that someone else has - please keep in mind that those things are just objects, and they can be keys that unlock amazing things by the user if they have the passion and drive, but that without it, they are simply expensive pieces of plastic and metal and code melded together.
Incredible paintings have been made with stone and clay.
Terrible photos have been taken on the Canon 5D MK III.
Equipment is not they key to your success and growth - you are <3

Photos above from yesterday afternoon; taken with my phone, with the lovely Jordan floating in icy cold water for me.


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