Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Engagement: Yolanda and John

© Alexandra Wallace, 2014.
I feel so behind on updating this [probably because I am], and wanted to finally share some [kind of] new work! I took these tender engagement photos by the seaside about a week...and a half ago? Last month was filled with doing so much work that has a publishing date on it, which always brings a mix of excitement and anxiety. I love that I'm going to have work in print coming up, as well as a solo photography exhibit starting at the beginning of May, but it's so hard to be shooting so many new things, and not be able to share them right away! My boyfriend makes albums for a living, and I'm starting to understand how hard it must be to be writing songs and recording and putting together this entire, huge project, but not being able to share it until it's done. I've been working like this for a month and I'm already going crazy!! I'm admiring him all the more for being able to keep that up for *years* <3

I'm going to try and make an effort to update this more than I have been - some exciting things are coming up, and the least I can do is give some sneak peeks or something!!


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